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Pharmacist - PharmD

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is a professional doctorate degree required to practice pharmacy in United States.
  • PharmD is awarded to the graduates of pharmacy schools.
  • Pharmacist license to practice that pass state pharmacy board examination .
  • Pharmacy career is considered a "glowing" career in USA for at least a decade.
  • Pharmacy is a very old profession and has changed profoundly over the years.
  • Pharmacists are at a zenith in community's ability to manage, cure and prevent disease. ever-evolving field of pharmacy.
  • As the demand for pharmacists grows, their need for in-depth knowledge of emerging medications grows. PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) is an entry level pharmacist degree required to practice pharmacy.
  • As proof of the public's confidence in their pharmacists, the profession is continually ranked by the Gallup Poll as the most trustworthy profession.
  • Pharmacy is a dynamic,growing, and increasingly diverse profession and there are so many opportunities for service.
  • Pharmacists serve in all areas of healthcare from community pharmacies to cutting-edge research, applying their unique knowledge of the power and potential of medications.
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Pharmacy Technician

Traditionally, the task of the pharmacist has been to ensure the dispensing of medication in accordance with a prescription or medication order. As the profession evolves into the provision of pharmacy care rather than dispensing alone, pharmacists need more help from qualified staff, namely the pharmacy technician. With the help of a pharmacy technician, the pharmacist will have more time to provide pharmacy care to the patient. Today, pharmacy technicians perform a variety of duties in many areas of pharmacy practice. This role will continue to expand as pharmacy broadens its professional scope.

State Pharmacy Technician Registration and Training Programs